Peraplas Germany

We have a clearly defined product focus: Our selection includes valves, pipes and fittings of high-quality plastics as well as drives, controls and extensive accessories, all of which have been used successfully in a wide range of industrial applications: water and waste water treatment, chemical plant construction, tank construction, mining, mechanical engineering, laboratory and medical technology, the semiconductor industry, the paper and textile industry and the food industry. We can also offer extensive product accessories for pool needs.

The products we offer and sell largely originate from companies of the Praher Group (Praher Plastics and Peraqua) or from carefully selected partners.

The office in Germany was founded as a branch in Rosenheim in 1987 and became an independent company in 1989. A new building was built in 1995 at the current location in Roth and occupied in 1996. This strategically chosen location has good access to all of Germany as well as close connections with our production sites. Since April 1st, 2002 the company has been led by Alexandra Maximini.

Site Peraplas Germany

Regensburger Ring 12 | 91154 Roth

Tel. +49/9171/9677-1200
Fax +49/9171/9677-2209


Portrait Alexandra Maximini

Alexandra Maximini Area Sales Manager South for pool technology

Tel. +49/9171/9677-2241


Potrait Maik Kränz

Maik Kränz Area Sales Manager South-West PLZ 4-8, 90, 91, 97

Tel. +49/9171/98985-4241

Portrait Klaus Gebhardt

Klaus Gebhardt Area Sales Manager Nord PLZ 16-19, 20-33, 37-39

Tel. +49/9171/98985-4244

Portait Stephan Hummel

Stephan Hummel Area Sales Manager South-East PLZ 01-15, 92-96, 98-99

Tel. +49/9171/98985-4242


Portrait Enrico Kern

Enrico Kern Area Sales Manager North-West

Tel. +49/9171/9677-2244

Portrait Jana Leibe

Jana Leibe Area Sales Manager North-East

Tel. +49/9171/9677-2242

Portrait Ron Vlot

Ron Vlot Area Sales Manager West and Benelux

Tel. +49/9171/9677-1200

Mobil +31/6/38735084